( Non Profit )

This is a FREE program that can help your supporters save money at the stores they are already shopping at everyday. While they are saving money, your organization will be generating the funds necessary to accomplish your mission.
This Great Non Profit Program
The Paid2Save Network is proud to support non­profit organizations, whose worthy causes serve our communities all across the country. We look forward to serving and supporting your organization!

Put the FUN back in fundraising
No cost to participate = 100% Profits!
Your organization can fundraise both locally and nationwide!
As your supporters save money, your organization raises money. App contains savings at thousands of local merchants and big box retailers

Viral Effect
Our app was to designed to be shared from person to person. The more your supporters save and share the app, the more funds your organization can continue to raise, month after month, year after year.

3 Ways to Raise Funds:
Local App & Online Shopping
Receive 15% of any commissions received when your supporters redeem offers at local merchants, buy from Groupon, Living Social or Shop Online.

Supporters / Merchants
Many of your supporters may also be Merchants. If they list their business on our mobile app, you will receive 15% of any commissions that are ever generated at that place of business.

Double Cash Back
Many supporters upgrade from Cash Back to Double Cash Back. It's a one time fee of $29.95. $12.00 is paid to your organization from this upgrade option. If 1,000 direct supporters choose Double Cash Back, your organization would receive $12,000.00. If 1,000 in-direct supporters [learned of app from friends] you would recieve $10,000.00Your Organization will be given a portal and website to monitor and share this opportunity. Generating support has never been easier.

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Thank You Dave Rodger
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