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Ultimate Live Video Streaming Setup for Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube and Stre.am plus so much more

Take a look at the future of Live Video Streaming Camera Setups for Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat and Stre.am or anything that you need photos and or videos for. Here is the mCam setup for the Apple Iphone 6 Plus with the basic Pro Lens Pack from Action Life Media in Arizona.
The price listed is for the Standard Apple Iphone 6 Pro Lens Pack and the Iphone 6 Plus is $10 more. Listed below are some of the features that the basic Iphone phone housing come with .
So here is what the real life view looks like and how you put it all together to make it work. You see the housing with the silicon phone cover, Directional mic with the the standard lenses 

All you do is place the Iphone in the silicon sock for protection and stabilizing
Next you place the Iphone assembly with the silicone sock inside the photo housing and yes its a sung fit.
The black Apple Iphone 6 Plus looks great inside the high quality CNC phone housing with it snug fit and full access to all the phone function switches 
You can see all the mounting points for additional accessories needed to go big and we will fallow up in a later story with everything needed to get the best shots
Next we screw in the 37mm Macro lens that is part of the complete mCam kit
Next we screw in the wide angel lens on top of the macro lens
Next we install the directional mic right into the 1/8 headset hole on the bottom of the Iphone to cleanup the audio when shooting live video
Now we have the complete basic Apple Iphone 6 Plus Camera assembly done and ready to do some photo shoots. 
Here is a quick photo shoot with the great setup that will only get better with more accessories to be added in the next story
Please stay tune because we have way more to cover in the next story
And trust me when I say this photo only has a small part of the complete package that we have assembled  to make the Ultimate Live Video Streaming Setup for Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube and Stre.am and yes photos to.

Live Video Streaming Ultimate IOS Setup 37 mm Lens Options

The Live Video Streaming Ultimate IOS Setup with accessory that will get your video and photo's done. Using the Apple Iphone 6 Plus phone shown below.
Great rear view of The Live Video Streaming Ultimate Setup shown below. With Full 300 LED lighting with stereo Mic's Plus a Rode Shotgun Mic with headphones to make sure you getting just what you want to hear. Future story on the full array of Mic's and how to use them.  
ALM Action Life Media 37MM  Wide Angle Lens 0.45X and a Macro lens together to create the perfect all purpose setup below. Notice the Directional Mic attached.

Great photo pattern that works in most setups. Notice the Shotgun Mic in the photo below.
ALM Action Life Media 37MM Telephoto Conversion Lens 2.0X
Great long distance photo but has a circle pattern in the display 
ALM Action Life Media 37MM HD Full Fisheye Lens 0.43 / Macro
Very rounded phote pattern that work great up close
Below is the Sony Tele Conversion Lens X2.0 VCL-R2037
The Sony long reach Tele Lens has a round pattern on the Apple 6 Plus Phone on the photo below.
Now we have the Sony VCL-ES06 X0.6One Touch Conversion Lens 
The Sony Lens give you that full screen rounds perspective of a fish Eye Also include the 37MM adapter for the MCam photo case.
Also not list in this story are the magnification lens kit with 5 lens from 1X to 10X

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