Hang W/ The Original Live Video Streaming App with great features

From Articles on March 3rd 2013: Live streaming service Hang w/ hit Apple’s App Store in late March and has accrued 100,000 users, including several notable celebrities, and 2 million user sessions over the past six weeks.
Andrew Maltin, the CEO of Hang w/ developer MEDL Mobile, noted in a blog post that the app’s trajectory has been better than expected. The app had 50,000 users and 550,000 user sessions three weeks after its soft launch.
“This proves that fans will rush in droves to Hang With their favorite celebrities and friends. And that once they arrive, they tell more people about it. Now we can start to put some marketing muscle behind it,” Maltin said.
The company’s president, Dave Swartz, called the numbers “phenomenal” when matched up against the hundreds of apps that MEDL has released.
The ad-supported app lets users sign up as broadcasters to share three minutes of live-streaming video of what they’re up to. Streams can be shared to Facebook or Twitter. 

Unlike Upfront, which was released on Thursday, Hang w/ allows anyone to start live-streaming and start connecting with viewers.
Hang w/ launched first on iPhone, but MEDL Mobile says an Android app is coming in the second quarter. Yes its out now March 2015.

The company touts Soulja Boy, Terrell Owens, Jamie Kennedy, Ali Landry and Cheech and Chong as among its registered broadcasters. MEDL offers to help secure branded sponsorship for influence's looking to monetize the platform.

I found the service to be fairly noisy, and it’s clear that the app is in its infancy. The celebrity draw is certainly an appeal, but most of the profiles I saw were inappropriate selfies from people that I wasn’t interested in following. Judging by the current crop of people in the Broadcasting Now section, the service appeals to the amateur webcam crowd.

Live Video Streaming is the future of Mobile Content Creating

(Stre.am: Live Performance)
The Live Video Streaming is just in it's infancy seeing as it was only created in the first 60 day of 2015. There are 3 players in the field now starting off with them in order Stre.am then Meerkat and the last player to the game is Periscope. Each have there own Niche streams and fallowing s. All 3 are the same kind of Mobile App doing Live Video Streaming to the world at a moments notice. I'm sure in the very near future you will the 4 larger players (Google, YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft) that are all currently fighting over video content now will be jumping in the Live Video Streaming area very soon. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, what is a Live Video Stream worth because of it's raw, live, real unedited and has way more impact than a photo.
All the examples in Live Video Streaming are growing 10 fold every week in many different ways as the medium grows and matures and finds its legs to start running. Google I/O 2015 talked about the single largest shift in money to ever happen in history will happen in the next 4 years to the tune of over 1 trillion US dollars in the Mobile Revaluation that has started to reach it stride by overtaking in 2014 the most views to the internet. I'm so convinced that Live Video Streaming is going to a big part of this trend that I'm trying to help people get there piece of this exploding market and the life changing things that come with it. If you have any interest in more information or what to do please contact Dave: Call or Text 619 750-3355 Email goappr@gmail.com
(Meerkat: Live Bono U2 on stage)