olloclip Studio: an integrated Mobile Photography System KickStarter

Check out the New olloclip 6/6+ Iphone Studio System for Live Video Streaming plus all of your Social Media Needs for Video and Photo.

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When we first launched olloclip on Kickstarter four years ago, the concept of mobile photography was just starting to take shape and since then we’ve shipped over a million lenses... a photographic revolution was born and what a great ride it's been. Today, our products are available in every Apple Store worldwide and people are using their olloclip lenses to capture everything from a baby's first steps to broadcasting world events in real-time. It's this same evolution that prompted us to take the next step and develop a new case and line of accessories that not only provide a specific function, but whose design is systemic to the creative process itself.

And like we did four years ago, we're enlisting the Kickstarter Community to help us bring our latest vision to life - we can't do it without your support.

Introducing olloclip Studio for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The olloclip Studio system is the combination of an all-new, more protective case design that incorporates an integrated mounting solution (patent pending) and a series of mobile photography accessories. Both the case and accessories are designed to intuitively work together the moment you pick them up. Unlike many of today’s modular mobile grip systems, olloclip’s Studio components seamlessly work together so you can focus on capturing the opportunity in front of you and not on building a rig. 
Each reward level will be available in either the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. We will survey each backer at the end of the campaign to determine which version you require.
olloclip Studio = Studio Case + Accessory Kit 

The olloclip Studio Accessory Kit includes an ingenious two-finger universal grip (you'll never hold your iPhone the same way again), a convenient Kickstand, a set of ¼-20 mounts to attach a tripod, grip or handles (for both landscape and portrait orientation), and a set of cold-shoe adapters for lightweight accessories like a microphone or light.    
And that's just the beginning - through this Kickstarter Campaign, we'll be able to bring to market a complete line of accessories that will utilize our new central rail-mount system. This initial set of accessories ensures that the olloclip Studio is not only great for taking photos and shooting video, but also for new broadcasting applications like Twitter's Periscope and social media favorites like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. We can't wait to see the creative ways people will produce and broadcast content with our new olloclip Studio and their olloclip lenses. 

Core to olloclip Studio is our new Studio Case. All of our products are designed right here in Southern California - so we developed this new system with an active lifestyle in mind. Beautiful as a stand-alone case, the Studio Case is our most protective yet - built to withstand most accidental drops. It also includes an innovative mounting system for the entire line of Studio accessories, like our Kickstand accessory mount for watching a movie or reading your favorite book or blog.

What colors will be available for the olloclip Studio?

Instead of selecting a palette of color options and telling you about them, we thought we'd let you select the initial color-ways of the case and accessories.  
Approximately 1 week after we launch, we're going to provide a link in the Updates thread that will lead to a color survey. And we're not just talking about your standard color options, we've got some cool ideas to share. In the survey, we'll provide a variety of color options from which you will vote on your favorites and we'll then select the resulting top 3. After the campaign funds, you will have the opportunity to select which of the 3 color options you want for your olloclip Studio as part of the Backer Survey.
So why the wait? We're so proud of the system approach of the Studio Case and Accessories Kit, we really wanted the initial launch to focus on just that - how great the system is. As such, the prototype images you see in the videos and the photographs in the campaign are actually 3D prints and colored mock-ups.

Studio Accessory Kit

When we set out to design our first accessory, we started with a review of all the various 'grips' already on the market. And while there are a lot 'rig' based solutions out there, we didn't want to create another DIY project where the user spends more time figuring out how to configure the mounting system vs. focusing on the opportunity before them. So we went back to the basics and looked at the variety of ways people hold their phones. From this research, we created the simplest and most intuitive way to grip your phone; enabling you to be more immersed in the creative process than ever before.

Our cold shoe attachment (kit includes two) enables you to attach a variety of lightweight accessories, such as a light or microphone, to your iPhone in a snap. The shoe was designed to offset the center of gravity of the accessory so it's directly in line with the iPhone's centerline; thus creating a more balanced experience when attaching multiple accessories.

We're even including (2) ¼-20 adapters in each Studio Accessory Kit - one for landscape and the other for portrait orientation. Many of you already own a tripod, shooting stick or a variety of 3rd Party accessories and the ¼-20 tripod-mount is the standard for attaching these types of accessories. You can even use the ¼-20 portrait adapter to orient the iPhone on its side to provide a hands-free group shot or selfie.

Why are we coming back to Kickstarter? 

When we set out to pursue our dream four years ago, the Kickstarter Community was with us every step of the way. You validated our vision, provided valuable feedback and collectively, you helped us offset the costs of bringing such a product to market. 
Today, we are looking to further expand our vision from a lens solution to a complete mobile photography system. olloclip Studio represents a significant production cost and being a small business, the opportunity for growth is only attainable through your generous support. This project alone represents over 7 new and complex tooling configurations that must be designed and built. 
More importantly, we can’t imagine partnering with anyone else other than Kickstarter to explore what is possible in mobile photography – you’re part of our DNA.

Kickstarter Loyalist and the 2013 Entrepreneur of the Year, Patrick O'Neill

In 2011, Patrick O'Neill and Chong Pak set out to advance the world of mobile photography by introducing “the olloclip” - a 3-in-1 photo lens for the iPhone 4. Listen to how Patrick reached out to the Kickstarter Community to make his vision a reality and how excited he is once again to engage the same community in this new project. If you ever have a chance to meet Patrick, be sure to let him know you're an olloclip Kickstarter. He loves to hear your stories and how you’re influencing culture with your olloclip accessories.

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Chong Pak - The Essence of Design is Usability

Originally an Industrial Design Instructor, as well as an avid photographer, cyclist and lover of all things tech, Chong is the Design Director for the company, overseeing our team of in-house designers and industrial engineers. The team works countless hours to perfect olloclip’s award-winning designs. Listen to Chong’s passion for innovative design & how his team brings a systems approach to the new olloclip Studio.

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We decided to keep the process simple - 7 rewards, 7 great opportunities - whether you already own an olloclip lens or you’re new to the family. We feel a deep sense of loyalty to the Kickstarter Community and believe that if you back our dream, we should provide an incredible value in return - it's the benefit of being an early adopter. And you can always order multiple rewards - they make a great gift. Simply double or triple your pledge amounts.

Let’s do this together.

  • Reward #1, Studio Case only: geared towards existing olloclip iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus lens customers looking to protect their device with our new Studio Case. 30% Discount, $15 savings
  • Reward #2, The Complete olloclip Studio: includes both the Studio Case and the Accessory Kit, 33% Discount, $30 savings
  • Reward #3, The olloclip Studio & a 4-in-1 Lens: includes both the Studio Case and the Accessory Kit PLUS our award-winning 4-in-1 lens (Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro and 15x Macro). Feel free to double your pledge amount and share the olloclip experience. 35% Discount, $60 savings.  
  • Reward #4, The olloclip Studio & an Active Lens: includes both the Studio Case and the Accessory Kit PLUS our award-winning 4-in-1 lens (Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro and 15x Macro) and our new Active Lens (2X Telephoto and Ultra-Wide). Feel free to double your pledge amount and share the olloclip experience. 40% Discount, $75 savings.
  • Reward #5, The olloclip Studio & a 4-in-1 Lens & an Active Lens: includes both the Studio Case and the Accessory Kit PLUS our new Active Lens (2X Telephoto and Ultra-Wide). Feel free to double your pledge amount and share the olloclip experience. 40% Discount, $75 savings.
  • Reward #6, Patrick’s “Everything in the Bag”: includes the complete olloclip Studio (Studio Case and Accessory Kit), new slim olloCase, 4-in-1 Lens, Active Lens and the Macro 3-in-1 Lens. 42% Discount, $155 savings. 
  • Reward #7, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the olloclip team here in sunny Southern California. We'll take care of your local lodging and meals, so long as you can coordinate and cover your flights. You'll have the opportunity to meet Patrick, Chong and the olloclip team. Join us as we explore some of the great local landmark destinations (Huntington Beach Pier, Joshua Tree National Park, Getty Museum, Griffith Park Observatory and other great photo spots). We're located only a few miles from the beach and we'd love to meet you and be part of your photographic journey. Value: Pricel