olloclip Studio: an integrated Mobile Photography System KickStarter

Check out the New olloclip 6/6+ Iphone Studio System for Live Video Streaming plus all of your Social Media Needs for Video and Photo.

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When we first launched olloclip on Kickstarter four years ago, the concept of mobile photography was just starting to take shape and since then we’ve shipped over a million lenses... a photographic revolution was born and what a great ride it's been. Today, our products are available in every Apple Store worldwide and people are using their olloclip lenses to capture everything from a baby's first steps to broadcasting world events in real-time. It's this same evolution that prompted us to take the next step and develop a new case and line of accessories that not only provide a specific function, but whose design is systemic to the creative process itself.

And like we did four years ago, we're enlisting the Kickstarter Community to help us bring our latest vision to life - we can't do it without your support.

Introducing olloclip Studio for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

The olloclip Studio system is the combination of an all-new, more protective case design that incorporates an integrated mounting solution (patent pending) and a series of mobile photography accessories. Both the case and accessories are designed to intuitively work together the moment you pick them up. Unlike many of today’s modular mobile grip systems, olloclip’s Studio components seamlessly work together so you can focus on capturing the opportunity in front of you and not on building a rig. 
Each reward level will be available in either the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus. We will survey each backer at the end of the campaign to determine which version you require.

Hang W/ The Original Live Video Streaming App with great features

From Articles on March 3rd 2013: Live streaming service Hang w/ hit Apple’s App Store in late March and has accrued 100,000 users, including several notable celebrities, and 2 million user sessions over the past six weeks.
Andrew Maltin, the CEO of Hang w/ developer MEDL Mobile, noted in a blog post that the app’s trajectory has been better than expected. The app had 50,000 users and 550,000 user sessions three weeks after its soft launch.
“This proves that fans will rush in droves to Hang With their favorite celebrities and friends. And that once they arrive, they tell more people about it. Now we can start to put some marketing muscle behind it,” Maltin said.
The company’s president, Dave Swartz, called the numbers “phenomenal” when matched up against the hundreds of apps that MEDL has released.
The ad-supported app lets users sign up as broadcasters to share three minutes of live-streaming video of what they’re up to. Streams can be shared to Facebook or Twitter. 

Unlike Upfront, which was released on Thursday, Hang w/ allows anyone to start live-streaming and start connecting with viewers.
Hang w/ launched first on iPhone, but MEDL Mobile says an Android app is coming in the second quarter. Yes its out now March 2015.

The company touts Soulja Boy, Terrell Owens, Jamie Kennedy, Ali Landry and Cheech and Chong as among its registered broadcasters. MEDL offers to help secure branded sponsorship for influence's looking to monetize the platform.

I found the service to be fairly noisy, and it’s clear that the app is in its infancy. The celebrity draw is certainly an appeal, but most of the profiles I saw were inappropriate selfies from people that I wasn’t interested in following. Judging by the current crop of people in the Broadcasting Now section, the service appeals to the amateur webcam crowd.

Live Video Streaming is the future of Mobile Content Creating

( Live Performance)
The Live Video Streaming is just in it's infancy seeing as it was only created in the first 60 day of 2015. There are 3 players in the field now starting off with them in order then Meerkat and the last player to the game is Periscope. Each have there own Niche streams and fallowing s. All 3 are the same kind of Mobile App doing Live Video Streaming to the world at a moments notice. I'm sure in the very near future you will the 4 larger players (Google, YouTube, Facebook and Microsoft) that are all currently fighting over video content now will be jumping in the Live Video Streaming area very soon. If a single picture is worth a thousand words, what is a Live Video Stream worth because of it's raw, live, real unedited and has way more impact than a photo.
All the examples in Live Video Streaming are growing 10 fold every week in many different ways as the medium grows and matures and finds its legs to start running. Google I/O 2015 talked about the single largest shift in money to ever happen in history will happen in the next 4 years to the tune of over 1 trillion US dollars in the Mobile Revaluation that has started to reach it stride by overtaking in 2014 the most views to the internet. I'm so convinced that Live Video Streaming is going to a big part of this trend that I'm trying to help people get there piece of this exploding market and the life changing things that come with it. If you have any interest in more information or what to do please contact Dave: Call or Text 619 750-3355 Email
(Meerkat: Live Bono U2 on stage)

Live Video Streaming Ultimate IOS Setup 37 mm Lens Options

The Live Video Streaming Ultimate IOS Setup with accessory that will get your video and photo's done. Using the Apple Iphone 6 Plus phone shown below.
Great rear view of The Live Video Streaming Ultimate Setup shown below. With Full 300 LED lighting with stereo Mic's Plus a Rode Shotgun Mic with headphones to make sure you getting just what you want to hear. Future story on the full array of Mic's and how to use them.  
ALM Action Life Media 37MM  Wide Angle Lens 0.45X and a Macro lens together to create the perfect all purpose setup below. Notice the Directional Mic attached.

The World’s #1 Monopod or Selfie Stick

Quik Pod DSLR POV Monopod and Selfie Stick that we personally use for everything we do. Live Video Streaming and photo shots
Photo shows Galaxy Tab 4 8" tablet with ease

The World’s #1 Monopod for GOPRO! Quik Pod DSLR/POV ULTRA Longest Pole for Go Pro®!

Ultimate Live Video Streaming Setup for Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat, YouTube and plus so much more

Take a look at the future of Live Video Streaming Camera Setups for Meerkat, Periscope, Snapchat and or anything that you need photos and or videos for. Here is the mCam setup for the Apple Iphone 6 Plus with the basic Pro Lens Pack from Action Life Media in Arizona.
The price listed is for the Standard Apple Iphone 6 Pro Lens Pack and the Iphone 6 Plus is $10 more. Listed below are some of the features that the basic Iphone phone housing come with .
So here is what the real life view looks like and how you put it all together to make it work. You see the housing with the silicon phone cover, Directional mic with the the standard lenses

Motivation Comes From With In

Make your stand in life, doing something
to make this place a better for you, 
your family and the people around you. 
You need to wake up and make 
difference and don't care what people 
say or do.      "JUST DO IT"
Never Give Up until you succeed. 
Never means Never  
Plans Change but Decision Don't !

Live Mobile Video Streaming right from your Cell Phone is a video platform that enables anyone with a mobile device to broadcast and share life’s experiences as they happen. Built from the ground up for mobile, is easy to use, easy to share on other platforms, and just really fun. On the back-end, leverages proprietary transcoding technologies to deliver a seamless high-quality experience.Download Stre.amiOS – Android 


Real-Time Video, Real-Time Chat:’s user interface offers a slick messaging overlay so people can chat in real-time during live videos. 
Save the important stuff with Reels: allows people to record and save 15-second video highlights called ‘Reels’ for 24 hours. This lets people share in the important moments that they may not have been able to catch live. 
Sharing: While recording live video, offers the ability to share to Twitter, Facebook, SMS and email–individually, or all together, as desired. 
Video-Only: With, you can follow other users, but not be bogged down with posts other than live videos streams. You can also ‘Like’ streams, without the archive. 

MeerKat and Snapchat hit the Big Time

Meerkat the ISO only new instant 
Video Stream of "Anything"
The initial version of Meerkat was built by Rubin’s co-founder, Itai Danino, in eight weeks. ("The client is all duct tape," Rubin says.) The app was submitted to Product Hunt, Silicon Valley’s favorite cool-hunting destination of late, and quickly rose to No. 1 for the day. As the influential Product Hunt audience tweeted out their streams, Meerkat gained near-total awareness among the early adopter crowd, and Rubin announced that the app had gone from side project to full-time focus.

Over the weekend, Rubin and his 11-person team planned to hack together an app for Android users that would let them watch streams; a full-featured Android app is on its way. The bigger task by far is to sustain last week’s momentum into this one. Rubin is aware of how fast the hype cycle can turn — he went through it once with Yevvo, after all — but for now, the 27-year-old former architecture student says he is happy just to build Meerkat and watch people find uses for it. "If the product is really good, you should get value from day one — and then come back on day two," he says. "If it’s relevant, it will stick. That’s my mission with Meerkat."

At the same time, many of Meerkat's core features had been implemented by its predecessors: logging in with Twitter, comments that turn into tweets, and the main idea of broadcasting from a mobile device. Justin Kan, founder of, noted that his company had tried all three before successfully pivoting into Twitch, the video-game streaming platform acquired by Amazon last year. So had Ustream, Livestream, Qik, and Bambuser. "I think it's hard to provide value to the random person in broadcasting: most of the time when they go live, few people will watch, and there won't be much interactivity," Kan told me via email. "It's hard to know what to do as a broadcaster — even today I have viewers but no idea of what I should do on the service.

Snapchat is growing fast every day 
So hurry up and get it.
What makes a startup successful and what makes it more forgettable than a status update? We can’t know for sure, but perhaps an Ivy League education helps. Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook at Harvard… Instagram’s Kevin Systrom studied at Stanford… and now, the latest success story—Snapchat—comes from Reggie Brown, Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegal, all three of whom created Snapchat while at Stanford.

Snapchat’s success is proof of what happens when a startup responds to the digital needs and tastes we have right at this moment. Since launching in 2011, Snapchat has quickly garnered attention by being a startup with one of the fastest growth rates seen in recent years. To illustrate, take a look at Snapchat’s user adoption rate. In December 2012 Snapchat had 50 million users; by April 2013, Snapchat had 200 million.

Part of Snapchat’s whirlwind success may stem from the simplicity of its premise. Snapchat is a photo and video sharing app: you can record short videos or take photos and quickly send them to your friends. What makes Snapchat stand out is this: once a video or photo is viewed, it disappears forever. And if you try to take a screenshot, good luck: not only is it extremely awkward to take one while holding a phone and holding your finger to the phone to keep recording, the sender is also notified if the app detects that a screenshot has been taken. In fact, Snapchat has a patent on this type of recording technology: one tap takes a photo, while holding the recording button takes a video. The immediacy and ephemeral nature of Snapchat is what’s getting people hooked, and for good reason.

By now, many people have clued in to the fact that what you put on the Internet can come back and haunt you. Whether you’re a high school student or a banker on Wall Street, the repercussions of an angry Facebook status or an inappropriate Instagram shot can cost you your job and your reputation. Snapchat is the solution: you can post without thinking twice, and don’t have to worry about it sticking around like a spectre afterwards. Although most of the users are still in between the ages of 15-25, the growth already exhibited by Snapchat shows that other age groups will adopt it soon, too. And Snapchat has made an effort to engage other age groups: the company has also released SnapKidz, a version of Snapchat for users under 13, and has released a guide for parentsto reassure parents about their children’s privacy and safety using Snapchat.

That said, Snapchat initially received a lot of flack for its potential to be used by teenagers as a sexting app. However, the founders of Snapchat are not too concerned about that reputation: Spiegel said, “we are not advertising ourselves as a secure platform. We are advertising ourselves as a communication platform.” Investors don’t seem to be concerned, either: Snapchat recently wowed the tech world by winning $60 million in funding led by Institutional Venture Partners, despite the fact that they don’t have a solid model of monetization yet. In the eyes of venture capitalists, Snapchat is now worth $860 million. The founders say they’re moving towards in-app sales and native advertising as monetization models, but it’s yet to be seen how well those models will perform through Snapchat.

It’s also interesting to note that in a way, Snapchat is almost an anti-Google. Google has built its empire on storing information and making it accessible to anyone in a highly personalized and efficient way. If you google yourself, you’ll probably find a link to a MySpace account you created eight years ago, not to mention a schwack of other ancient information you thought you had deleted. Snapchat is a turn in the opposite direction, offering us a break from the never-ending digital footprint; and based on its immediate popularity, this opposite direction is appealing to more and more users who are embracing digital means of communication.

"Socialnomics" The Social Media Mobile Revolution 2015

The Social Media Mobile Revolution 2015
Mobile drives over 50% of e Commerce traffic

Over 1.35 billion users on Facebook

Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old

53% of millennial generation respondents (those born between 1981 and 2000) said they’d rather lose their sense of smell than their technology

More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush

By 2018 video will account for over 2/3 of mobile usage hence why 2/3 of orgs will increase spending on video this year

Every second 2 new members join LinkedIn

The LinkedIn age limit has been lowered to 13

Grandparents are the fastest growing demographic on twitter

90% of buyers trust peer recommendations

The average attention span of a human is 7 seconds

The average attention span of a gold fish is 8 seconds